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End of a chapter

Ever so often we finish a chapter in the book we call life and start a new. This is certainly true for me right now.

Last week, we got the sad news that our owner intends to liquidate our company. They are bleeding money and need to do something to turn the situation around. Hence they need to review their costs and we cost money. I am not going to argue if the decision is right or wrong and who’s fault it is that we got to this point. I can just conclude that this chapter in my life is coming to an end.

We still do not know when the legal process is finished and we can go home. Everything seem to be pending union negotiations at the moment. The management team is not allowed to say much before the negotiations with the union has finished. Until then it is business as usual.

Well, of course it is not. We can not see any future for our products and people realise that they need to find another job. It is understandable that the pace is much slower now than what it was two weeks ago.

I feel especially for our site in Greece. Greece has been going through a very tough period with major cuts in the public sector. They have an unemployment rate of 26,4 % and then getting this decision in the midst of it is very hard. I have many colleagues that is taking this very hard. In some cases this will mean that no-one in the family have a job to go to but there are still children to feed. That situation must be so tough.

The situation in Sweden is much better and I shall hopefully not have any problems finding a new job. I do not know what yet but I am hoping for a progression in my career. I am currently searching for a manger job, a consultancy job or maybe a combination of the two.

So I am sitting here and looking at an empty sheet of paper where my next chapter is going to be written. I am full of anticipation to see what it is going to be.