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Month: February 2016

Indirect Leadership

Recently I went to Stockholm to listen to a breakfast seminar held by Mercuri International. The subject for the morning was Indirect Leadership. I thought the subject was especially intriguing because of the ‘indirect’ aspect of it. And once I started to think about it a little bit it hit me that I personally have not really made the distinction between direct and indirect leadership.

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Keep your network alive

I never thought I would write a post about networking. Although I might not have said it, in my mind networking meant shallow small talk and I often saw it as a self-promoting activity to boost the ego. I do not have much time over for that and I am not comfortable calling attention to myself.

But over the last year especially, I have had to change my mind about networking. Since I started standing on my own feet as self-employed I have had re-evaluate much about myself, including the need for a strong and wide network. Thanks to this, I have looked back through my career and noticed people that has been good at networking in a way that does not feel shallow or self-promoting.

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