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Month: December 2015

Communicate constructively

Effective leaders know their way of communicating have a great impact on how people feel and on the way people work. Destructive communication leads to lower trust and productivity, people who criticise each other and a place where people will primarily look after themselves. In an environment where people communicate constructively on the other hand, there will be a more open and candid atmosphere with higher trust and respect, where it is much easier to solve sensitive issues and where productivity increases.

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What is leadership?

One of my colleagues recently asked me: Simon, what is leadership to you? It is an important questions that guides my whole approach to leadership. It affects my leadership style and how I approach and think about people.

Before I give my answer I think it is important to differentiate between what leadership is and what we do to do be effective at leading. Much of what I have written about at this blog so far has been in the latter category; what we do to be efficient at leading. They are related to each other in that our behaviours are guided by our motives; what we think leadership is will guide how we lead.

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