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Simon AlmstromMy name is Simon Almstrom, I am a project manager that aspires to become a better leader.

This is my personal blog where I share my leadership journey. You can expect to find my thoughts on leadership but also things that I read, hear or observe that inspire me, or maybe even discourage me. You can also expect to find someone who has not figured out everything nor have all the answers but who am excited to search for them.

I am writing about thoughtful leadership. I think it represents the type of leadership that I want to practise. ‘Thoughtful’ means two things to me. Firstly, it involves a thought process that takes place. This is what you will see much of at this blog – my thought process about leadership. Secondly, it means consideration for the needs of others. I believe in a servant leadership. The kind of leadership that sees the whole person for their potential and their value.

I post content when I have something to say. Sometimes that means regular and frequent posts but not always. To make sure you do not miss any posts, please subscribe to e-mails or the RSS feed. You can find them both on the right sidebar.

My contact information

You can either contact me here or via twitter.


I stress again that this my personal blog. All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my employer, colleagues, friends or family.

You are allowed to disagree with me, challenge my thinking or suggest alternative ways of reasoning. You can either post in the comment section or contact me directly. As a result, I might change my mind. I do however reserve the right to delete comments for any reasons so please be polite.