[Book Review] Type Talk at Work by Otto Kroeger

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Type Talk at WorkIn the earlier post Early reflections from typewatching, I said that “I have spent many train journeys to and from work and numerous evenings trying to learn more about the ins and outs of the 16 different personality types.” There is no other source that has been more useful to me as Otto Kroeger’s book Type Talk at Work.

Otto is attacking the subject in a very down to earth way. He is taking his time to elaborate on the implications that each of the Myers-Briggs dimensions has to a number of relevant areas at the workplace. Both the good and the bad is important to point out. And that is where typewatching gets interesting; when the theoretical meets the practical in such a tangible way. What strikes me is how each page contain a small chunk of new knowledge that I can take with me during the day. Type Talk at Work is filled with every day stories from a full range of situations to illustrate the point which makes it very easy to read.

The reason I picked up this book to begin with was to learn how typewatching could add depth to my leadership style. And although this is indeed a subject that is addressed in the book, I am struck by how much more than just leadership style that is handled. Otto is also addressing how different types relate to team building, problem solving, conflict resolution, sales, time and stress management to just mention a few.

There has been criticism towards Myers-Briggs from various people (see for example Why the Myers-Briggs test is totally meaningless) and although I can understand their points, I am fascinated with how practical typewatching gets. Type Talk at Work does not claim to the be solution to every problem and neither should it. I am just grateful that there is a theory from which we can start discussing our differences and our preferences.

If you are interested in what typewatching is or what difference it can make to your working environment, I suggest that you read Type Talk at Work. You will not be disappointed.