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Early reflections from typewatching

Several weeks have passed between my first introduction to myers briggs and now. During this time, I have spent many train journeys to and from work and numerous evenings trying to learn more about the ins and outs of the 16 different personality types. I have had plenty of opportunity to discuss and reflect with my colleagues around these differences. Rarely does a conversation happen without me secretly trying to figure out what type this person is, given what they are saying and how they are behaving.

Looking in the mirror however, there is something else that start to happen. Beyond the Sensing or iNtuition, Thinking or Feeling, there is something else emerging. I have found a way to understand people. Typewatching is not a way to understand values, arguments, feelings, structures or strategies. It is a way to understand people. How they are thinking and why they behave as they do. To me this is a small but important revelation.

I think I have always had a need to understand people, both from the point of view that I know where they are coming from, this is especially true at home and among friends, but also from the point of view that I can craft a compelling argument to their situation. Admittedly to increate my own circle of influence.

I still have plenty to learn concerning typewatching and how I personally have to relate to each of these types in various situations. But understanding people is giving me an edge. An edge to be the person I want to be for my wife, my kids and friends. But also an edge to excel at work because I am learning to relate to my colleagues and my boss in ways that are speaking their language.