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The journey begins

In 17th century France, the philosopher René Descartes said: “I think, therefore I am” (je pense donc je suis). In 21st century Information Age, the equivalent is probably something like: “I blog, therefore I am”.

Everybody who wants to be someone seem to have a blog where their existence is recorded and their message is broadcasted out to the world for anyone to take part. This blog is about a journey; my journey to become a better leader.

This blog is about thoughtful leadership. I think it represents so well what I am trying to achieve and what I stand for. A quick search on ‘thoughtful’ on Google gives two results:

1. Absorbed in or involving thought
In order to evolve, develop and become a better leader, there needs to be thinking and reflection of what we do; a thought process that takes place. As leaders we need to think about how we act and how these actions affect those around us. But it is also about observing other good leaders and learn from them.

2. Showing consideration for the needs of other people
I believe in a servant leadership. The kind of leadership that sees the whole person for their potential and their value. I want to exercise a leadership where people can flourish, develop and at the same time have fun doing so. In the end, I believe that good leadership is about equipping and enabling others to do great things.

What you can expect to find on this blog are my thoughts on leadership but also things that I read, hear or observe that inspire me, or maybe even discourage me. You can expect to find someone who has not figured out everything nor have all the answers but at the same time, I am exited to search for them.

I am looking forward to have you on my journey,
Simon Almström